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3151 GP Unidirectional remote pressure transmitter

3151 GP Unidirectional remote pressure transmitter
Product Detailed
1, continuous measuring differential pressure, pressure 2.measured medium by non-direct contacting in high temperature&pressure

3151 GP unidirectional remote pressure transmitter linked to the measured object with flange.3151 GP unidirectional is for continuous measuring fluid level, differential pressure, pressure and interface, flow and other parameter of liquids, gas, steam including viscous fluids, corrosion, sedimentation, crystallization, transfer measured signals into 4~20mA Adc signal output, combined with other units or industrial control Computer with the instrument automatically detect, record and control.

3151 GP metal Capacitance pressure transmitter with remote seals (1199 PFW, 1199RTW, 1199EFW and 1199RFW) is 3151 GP unidirectional remote pressure transmitter. But 3151 GP unidirectional remote pressure transmitter has various characteristics of 3151 GP metal Capacitance pressure transmitter.

For occasion:

3151 GP unidirectional remote pressure transmitter can be measured medium by non-direct contacting with the medium. It applies to the following situation;

1,the measured medium is corrosive to the transmitter and sensor.

2,need isolate the high temperature measured medium and the transmitter.

3,measured medium with a pipe leads to easy to solidify or crystallize

4,wash for replacing measured medium , not allow to mix.

5,Must maintain sanitary conditions to prevent contamination

Technique specification:

Object: Liquids,gas and steam

Measure range: 0-700~7000kPa(0-7.0~70kgf/cm2)

Output: 4~20mA dc + HART (two line loop power)

Power supply: 24vdc

Power range: 12V~45V

Installation for dangerous area: Explosion approval type: ExdIIBT5

Intrinsically safe type: ExiaIICT6;

Transfer characteristic:

The minimum range ( the range compression ratio 40:1), maximum Migration zero is 39/40 times of the upper range value, the maximum negative transfer zeros can be lower range value of the measure range. Without negative transfer for absolute pressure transmitter, (regardless of how positive and negative output form, after migration, its range lower and upper limit, shall not exceed the measure range limit)

Temperature range:

Electronic circuit board; -45~85°C

Sensitive element: -40~104°C

Storage temp: -45~85°C

Digital display :-25 ~ 65°C( normal operation)

-40 ~ 85°C( damaged );

Remote type transmitter: medium temperature is different depends on the pressure transmitter medium and different structure they choose.

Choose high temperature silicone oil: 15~315°C

200 ordinary silicone oil: -40~149 °C

Relative humidity:0~ 95%

Overpressure limit: DP, plus 0(absolute pressure) ~ 13MPa without damage of pressure transmitter the normal operating pressure at 3.43kPa, (absolute pressure) to the upper range.( normal operating pressure)

Volume quantity change: <0.16cm3

Damping: time constants between 0.2 ~ 32.0s adju.

Start time: 3S, without preheating.

Performance index

(In the absence of migration,316 stainless steel diaphragm isolation and other standard test conditions. )

Precision:± 0.2%,

Stability: the maximum range of± 0.25%/6months

Effect of temperature: zero temperature error is for ± 0.5%/55°C of the maximum measure range, which Including zero and span of the total temperature error is for ± 1.0%/55°C of the maximum range

Influence of static pressure: (type DP in linear output ) zero error: add static140kgf / cm2, range 4,5zero error is for the maximum range of± 0.25%, range 3,6,7,8 of the zero error for the maximum range of± 0.5%. This is a systematic error, before installation, according to the actual static calibration transmitter zero, eliminate the error.( HP in linear output ) zero error: add static31.2MPa, zero error is less than the maximum range of± 2%., This is a systematic error, before installation according to the actual static calibration transmitter zero, eliminate the error.

Influence of source: output range0.005% / g

Effect of vibration: in any axial direction, frequency: 200Hz, error is for ± 0.05% of the maximum range

Effects of load: as long as the input voltage is higher than the12V transmitter, in working area of no load impact.

Mounting position: the largest effect can produce no more than 0.25kPa zero error can eliminate the error through calibration, no influence to measure range; measurement of body have no effect to the flange rotation

Structure index:

The liquid contact part material:

Isolation diaphragm:316 stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy C alloy and tantalum;

Exhaust / drain valve:316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C and Monel alloy;

Flanges and their joints:316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel alloy C"

O" ring: fluorine rubber;

Non liquid contact material:

Liquid: silicone oil filling

Bolt: stainless steel, galvanized steel;

Electrical shell: low copper aluminum alloy;

" O" ring: nitrile rubber

Coating: polyester and epoxy resin.

Pressure connector;

Flange pressure port: 1/ 4 - 18NPT ( taper pipe thread );

The connector port: 1/ 2 - 14NPT ( taper pipe thread );( LT type high voltage test for3" or 4" flange ).

Electrical connection: M20 × 1.5internal thread wire pipe,1/ 2 - 14NPT ( taper pipe thread wire pipe )

Weight:3.5 kg (3151)5.5kg

When GP Pressure transmitter with remote device, which including GP Pressure transmitter. One remote diaphragm with sealed, filling liquids at the work, Thin, and Elastic diaphragm and filling liquids separate sensitive component with process medium. Diaphragm link to transmitter by Capillary or direct mounted flange.

When add process medium, diaphragm start deform transfer measure pressure into the diaphragm at the pressure transmitter through filling liquids system, and Capillary.

The transfer pressure push sensitive diaphragm at sensitive component of pressure transmitter Deformed, span of Deformation is proportional to process pressure, which in turn convert into suitable electric currency, voltage or digital HART output signal.

3151 GP unidirectional remote pressure transmitter installed, Remote flange and the transmitter should be considered the application and installation, to ensure the best performance. Generally follow the following principle;

A,Thin tube length as short as possible.

B,the transmitter with one flange should be installed lower than the flange and processes or maintain the same level, the transmitter with two flange which is installed in the different height should be installed in two flange/ process connection midpoint or midpoint less. The mounting location of the transmitter and the flange.

C,install the remote flange or capillary should avoid direct sunlight or rain.

D,such as with two remote flange, both capillary should be same length.

E,seasonal re-zero

3151 GP Unidirectional remote pressure transmitter

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